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     Viet Asia was born on December 10, 2010 when the country entered a period of reform, Asian economy was in danger of crisis, competition at home and in the international market was extremely fierce. The estate seemed to freeze. A series of businesses on the brink of dissolution. Viet A has chosen for itself the way to go up - with quality and prestige first. The Vietnamese Asian people are building Viet Asia day by day into a united Group, bringing the Vietnamese Asian brand name more and more.
 Viet A will bring you the best quality, safest, most advanced products, on par with the products of leading companies in the world because the main raw materials and equipment are selected from reputable firms in the world, are assembled by modern and advanced technology lines and made by experienced and well-trained Vietnamese Asian people.
With the overall quality management measures applying strictly ISO 9001-2008, we pay attention right from the input product stage, every step in the production process must be completed in every detail. Vietnamese Asian people are educated in the sense of "the company is family, colleagues are brothers", creating a friendly and responsible working community environment, and at the same time being regularly trained to improve knowledge and workmanship. Viet A implements the action plan "Quality Create Trust" continuously to learn about the needs of customers to create the best products and implement its policy "Towards Customers".
     Viet A, together with one heart, joins a big arms to implement the company's investment, production and business strategies within the framework of state policies and international laws for Viet A to endure and develop sustainably. , bringing Viet A up with a beautiful future, contributing to the stability and development of society.
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